Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poor Madeleine

I live in a household of two humans, two pure-bred Bouvier dogs, four in-and-out cats, and a couple recent cat arrivals who nap on our porch. Today my favorite died, a long-haired Himalayan/Siamese blend with regal face and plushy hair, wavy on her belly. I loved that cat. She slept on my bed, was affectionate without being needy, and did not make me sneeze much.

Poor Madeleine.

This morning a young neighbor knocked at the door and asked if a long-haired black cat who was super nice lived here? "She's dead under our truck." Not squashed, just dead and rough-looking, like she'd been through a heavy rain storm. But I don't think there was anything like that last night. Her new blue collar was several feet away. We don't know what happened. They found her on their departure for work.

I feel sad now, although at the time I felt sad and vomitous.

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