Monday, May 28, 2007

Crab Mornay

We eat pretty well over here. Between me and my housemate, Gloria, we cook up a storm. For lunch she made us crab mornay: crab, cream, butter, cheese, green onions, and magic. On toast with spinach salad. Lovely. Tomatoes are ripening in the garden, and I've got my eye on my pet eggplant, trying to keep it caterpillar-free. Fuzzy caterpillars ate most of the collard greens. I'd step out to pick dinner, and find only leaf skeletons. We've since planted summer greens, hoping caterpillars move on to the moth stage and fly away.

Saw Kennedy's Children yesterday. Five monologues reminiscing the 1960s. Engaging performances by a solid cast, but two hours of monologue is too long. Interaction would help bring it more to life and sustain energy. Ignore the cheap joke I made on Saturday about the 4th wall. What if instead the actors talked to one another, or talked to the audience, or the director-as-bartender, Michael Martin? Cut down the running time and build in some interaction. FYI, I think it's extended another weekend. If you want to see Kennedy's Children, it's worth $13, and definitely worth the zero I paid.

Joking aside, all of the performances were entertaining. Personal favorites:

* Bridget Erin, founder of NOLA Playback Theatre, as a jaded actress, drinking and screwing herself to death.

* Michael Aaron Santos, of Michael Aaron Santos fame, as a flaming homosexual actor. He was the most comedic, and the tallest.

* Kathryn Talbot, the most ripened performer in the cast. Petula Clark at 50. I wanted her to sing Don't Sleep in the Subway so bad.

I left Hi-Ho Lounge, and directly across the street the actors of Marigny Theatre were assembling for their final show of Nighthawks. I debated a second play in five hours, but had a headache, and went home instead. I partially regret that choice. I would have liked to compare Opening Night with Closing Night. Around 9pm I recovered from my headache, rode my bike up to Frenchmen street, and caught some live, local music.

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