Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Permanently Punished?

Think I've been punished for being public about my theatre opinions. One thing to know about my writing, if I feel passionate, I will often over-state the case in my first post. Check back. I edit as I go, refining what I originally wrote to better represent my feelings. The art of writing is in re-writing. No dis to any other New Orleans productions. I feel passionate about Gem of the Ocean, iz'all.

In fact, Harold X. Evans, from the cast, is sitting in my livingroom right now, talking to my housemate, Gloria Powers. Sounds like I might have a paid job this winter with the Living History Theatre Company, pending budget approval. Wonder which historical character I get to portray. Napoleon? What! Pretentious, Moi?

Got another hot date with the man from Mobile tonight! Guess I'll put out. I mean, he's driving all that way...

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