Monday, December 15, 2008

Black Nativity

Busy. I told myself I would not get busy so soon after my return to New Orleans, but there ya have it! Last week I did 6 shows, wrote a freelance project, taught a software class, and hosted an out-of-town guest. I also hosted the Radical Faerie potluck and put lights on a tree. Luckily I managed to visit a sauna in there too. Never too busy to sauna.

Five of the 6 performances were as John James Audubon. This is a yearly gig with the Louisiana Living History Project, in which each actor researches and portrays a historical person of Louisiana. This year we have 15 characters. I'm Audubon, and also the Stage Manager.

The 6th performance was a staged reading of Black Nativity by poet Langston Hughes. We presented dance, drumming, Gospel singing, and readings. I gave an impassioned sermon-ette. The next day, 2 other actors said to me, "Frederick, you can really preach it!"

"Oh," I replied, "I've been around some Baptist folk." Why do you think the blog is called Kung Fu Evangelist?