Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hot Date!

While in Tennessee, I met a nice man, a bit older than me but in better physical shape. He lives in Mobile, and drove all the way from Alabama to have dinner and hold hands with yours truly. Ain't that sweet?

Dinner at Adolpho's, one of my faves. Nicely tucked away above a bar on Frenchmen street, hardly known about, which is ideal. Total mom-and-pop, Cajun-Italian, which means pasta drowned in seafood. Order ANYTHING smothered with Ocean sauce: cream, crab, shrimp! My date had the veal with Ocean sauce, classic surf-and-turf combo. I had crawfish alfredo. OH FRACKIN YEAH!

Table by the window, with a breeze blowing through and live jazz wafting up to us from Frenchmen street below. We held hands. When's the last time I held hands on a date? Oh yeah, I remember...ex boyfriend. Well, I'm not signing anyone up to be my next ex boyfriend, but it sure was wonderful to go on an honest to goodness date.

Afterwards, walked around Frenchmen a bit, heard some music spilling from DBA and Spotted Cat. Ducked into the gay bookstore, which inspired me to invite him home. I told him he's got a 25 year old's body, and he held it against me.

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