Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gem of the Ocean

Only one weekend left for the August Wilson play, Gem of the Ocean at Anthony Bean Theatre. Since I became a member of the nominating committee for Big Easy theatre awards, this is the first play I've seen that I feel passionate about. I see much good work and will make other recommendations of course, but Gem of the Ocean I'll go to bat for. Best Drama. Best Actress, Adella "the Storyteller" Gautier. Best Supporting Actor, Harold X. Evans. Discussion and voting happen in January. A lot more work yet to see and compare.

Funny thing. I was looking at the wall of celebrities with a friend during intermission, and pointed out a photo of Irma Thomas, who won the Grammy this year for best contemporary Blues album. I said something about "just heard Irma Thomas at the Big Easy Music awards" when I heard a woman behind me say "pardon?" It was Irma Thomas.

I'm looking for a new theatre project, something meaty I can sink my teeth into. I was talking earlier this week with a local director about a possible one-man show he wants to direct me in, as a fundraiser for the Pride Foundation. Doesn't sound like it's going to happen. I see the same audition notices as everybody else. Nothing that grabs me, yet. If anyone knows of un-announced casting or upcoming projects yet to be announced, yo! Hook a brother up!

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