Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Southern Charm

My second date with the man from Mobile went well. Lasted 24 hours. One of those lay-around-all-day-naked, eating toast, talking, et cetera kinda dates. Won't see him again for 3 weeks. Could stand to catch my breath while he's out of the region. I showed him the Kung Fu Evangelist DVD. He's trying to talk me into doing a fund raiser for the Mobile Gay Chorus. Hmmm...I could imagine a choir busting onstage in the final act. I like a big musical finish.

Rode my bike to the Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo this morning, just to catch a couple bands. It's another free, all-day neighborhood fest that features local bands, a much smaller version of French Quarter Festival. Heard the Soul Rebels and also walked through the Mid-City Art Market. Saw several friends. My friend Daniela Rible is visiting from San Francisco, and we met on Bayou St. Jean, close to where she volunteers for Common Ground.

I like visitors who volunteer, or make the effort to have a deep experience of New Orleans. The last friends who visited ate only twice in four days, as far as I can tell. They fell into a French Quarter blow job bar. They're lucky they came up for air long enough to see my last performance in Tennessee Williams. If they had missed me, I would have lost my Southern charm.

Tomorrow I see the closing performance of Kennedy's Children at the Hi-Ho Lounge. Directed by Michael Martin, it's performed in a bar. As I understand it, the actors mingle with other bar patrons cum audience. I seriously hope it is not participatory theater. The 4th wall is for everybody's protection.

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