Sunday, June 3, 2007

Commander's Palace

For a guy who's broke ALL the TIME, I manage to live richly. Tonight I'm being taken to Commander's Palace, the jewel in the crown of Brennan family restaurants in New Orleans. Commander's is equally famous for its interior, gardens, impeccable service, and the food. Ah, the food. A lovely young couple, Jessica and Nick, are taking me and my housemate Gloria out for dinner, a thank you. Gloria and I have helped Jessica and Nick in a variety of ways since they moved to New Orleans.

I barely scrape by financially, and yet manage to find myself in lavish circumstances very often. Plus, I take advantage of everything FREE that New Orleans has to offer, of which there is a-plenty. Last night I watched free movies outdoors in my neighborhood, the Bywater. A rather kooky found-object artist named Casey, in conjunction with our neighborhood bodega, the Mardi Gras Zone, organizes this weekly event. It's well-attended, and I see a lot of familiar faces. We watched Yellow Submarine, O Brother Where Art Thou, and some silent Laurel and Hardy's after midnight.

Yesterday, I also went for a ride on River Road and saw the Laura plantation, Evergreen, San Francisco plantation, and Oak Alley. FREE!

Wish I had more money. Wish I could afford yoga classes, cocktails with my friends, headshots. But I'm doing pretty well, all things considered.

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