Friday, October 5, 2007

A Puzzlement

Just heard from Tulane Shakespeare. Did not get the part. I'm a little sad, not too bad, but very puzzled. Stunned, in fact. I left that second audition confident I was in. I had really prepared. I have a natural feel for Shakespeare's language. And I'm the only actor he asked to read for the role of Hortensio. What could have been the director's reasoning for passing? There's no polite way to find out, to get feedback about an audition, so I'll have to chalk it up to, I don't know. Good first effort?

I'll be back. I do want to work for Tulane. And my foot is in the door now. But still, another actor, someone extremely prominent in New Orleans theatre, did get cast. But he just didn't get the material. We did scenes together, and he clearly did not understand the words he was saying. In fact, in the hallway he asked me to explain some of it to him. Hmm...a puzzlement.
Actually, on further reflection, I think it may have been about scheduling. Tulane has a rigorous rehearsal schedule, and I have weekend conflicts all through the month of December. Thursday thru Sunday, I'll be dressed as a historic character, John James Audubon, and holding salon in hotel lobbies in the French Quarter. Been practicing my French accent and boning up on birds. Audubon's also the reason I'm growing out my hair.


Stephen James Kubick said...

That ain't right!

Frederick Mead said...

Directors. Feh.

Stephen James Kubick said...

In my case (you weren't here for the first Take Me Out review), fey.