Saturday, October 20, 2007

Counting in Gay Years

Ah, happy with some work I just did on the novel. It's another chapter in the 5 or 6 set in China, during the reign of Kubilai Kahn. A couple years ago, I read Marco Polo's travelogue, and was inspired. Today I made a second reference to Po Lo, who at this time would be a Magistrate and an apologist for the Kahn. It's a time of military occupation by a foreign power, and a time of rebellion. Today I wrote a kung fu fight, an escape, and a sacrifice. I depicted the main themes of my novel in a couple key transitional scenes, and connected the beginning and end. I feel this chapter coming into tight focus. There's more work to do, but I'm happy with the progress.

Only 2 shows left of Love at the Lounge. The show last night was a good one, very responsive audience who hung out afterwards to talk to us. The actors all agreed that it was a great show. We felt relaxed. A nice place to finally reach during a run. Everyone is more alive, more in their moments, communicating. We're having fun. And all of us have been offered other scripts to read. Yay!

Also happy with my poster for Origin, my radio play. Perfected a draft late last night after the show. I'm trying to get the green a nuclear green. Anyone know the CMYK or RGB values for nuclear green?

Today and probably tomorrow I'm auditioning voice actors over the phone for the main character of the radio play, Munchie, high-school stoner trapped inside a middle-aged body. Autobiography? Roman a clef? Probably. Except the part about middle-aged, unless you count in gay years.

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