Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Casting Origin

Only 1 role remains uncast for my radio play, Origin. The main character, Munchie, high school stoner trapped inside a middle-aged body. I invite both men and women to read for the role of Munchie.

The auditions themselves were a fun experience, all set up as conference calls. The actors read together in groups of 4 over my speaker phone, while I recorded over the Internet. I emailed recordings of the auditions to each of the actors. Damned if the recordings don't sound just like 6 mini radio shows!

Aside from Munchie, here are the folks I've cast, plus our live Foley artist and keyboardist. Very fun group:

Radio Announcer/Senator Guidry/Mike Nichols
John Joly, film, stage, and voiceover actor with an Earth-rumbling baritone.

Nell Arsdale/Mother/demented crone/Elaine May
Mary Pauley, deeply experienced stage actress, most recently seen at Rivertown Rep. Right out of the gate, Mary impressed me with her natural delivery, voice characterizations, and that ineffable "50s radio voice."

Katie Brown (the Nancy Drew)/Girl
Molly Maginnis, a young actress I am happily working with on another production at the Hi Ho Lounge.

Live Foley artist
Cammie West, Big Easy award winner, Storer Boone award winner, and theatre sweetheart. She's done exactly this kind of sound work for Southern Rep's "Cabinet of Dr Caligari" and while in college.

Uncle Wayne Daigrepont, legendary character actor, director and puppeteer, composing original "Hercules Audio Theatre" theme music, segue music, and "suspense" music for the performance. He played with silent films in NY and various musical gigs in New Orleans.

Can you imagine how much fun I'm having?


Glenn said...

You gimme back my Cammie!

Stephen James Kubick said...

Congrats and hi to Unca Wayne from Lo-Retta...