Saturday, October 13, 2007

Auditions Scheduled

Phew. Trying to coordinate the schedules of 15 voice actors into groups of 4. Looks good so far. On Sunday afternoon, in half hour blocks, 2, 3, or 4 actors will call a conference line to audition for me over the telephone.

I'm using, an online conferencing service that also lets me record the calls. How great. Afterwards, I can download an MP3 of the auditions and play them back. We could also record our rehearsals, and play them back as a cast. !

Next I need the sound effects person. I have contact info for a couple legends of local radio, Fred Kasten and Paul Yacich. Surely they can point me toward a Foley artist.

A few musicians have written me about playing keyboard, but I have not yet replied. Ok, that's my task for today. Then design a flyer, track down 40 chairs (help) and microphones and amps. Then I need to set up my online box office with I have a lifetime account, which was set up for me back in San Francisco.

I'm on the fence about charging admission for the event. It's a staged reading, not a full-on play. BUT, it's more than actors sitting on stools. There's music, sound effects, and rehearsed actors on stools. More of a visual and auditory theatre experience, in a nice setting, the Terrance Sanders gallery. I'm thinking of charging, really to control the flow. Open admission could bring in any old random folks off the street, which is fine; but 40 seats fill up fast. In particular I want to get the radio folks in, the theatre critics, arts administrators, folks who can help me get the project on the air.

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