Wednesday, October 10, 2007

First Review is In

I'm "endearing". David Cuthbert's review in the Times-Picayune. My face made the cover of the Living section!

"Eat Pudding" concerns the mating and dietary habits of ancient Egyptian vultures, scavengers that feasted not just on carrion, but the dung of dead animals, said to improve one's plumage and sexual attraction. "Eat pudding" is the euphemism a vulturess attaches to the practice of dining on this alleged savory.

Sands depicts his birds as swinging singles and shy, inhibited creatures meeting at a watering hole by the pyramids. Andrew de la Pena is the slick ladies' man Ramses giving macho advice to his awkward pal Thutmose, endearingly played by Frederick Mead. Lisa Davis is the exotic, experienced Hathar and Molly E. Maginnis is her demure gal pal Nefertari. Playing birds seems to free the actors, especially when they take wing in aerial choreography. All four players fulfill their roles amusingly, pointing up Sands' sly, entertaining and vulgar wordplay.

In "All Night Service," Mead is the jaded, sleep-deprived cashier at an all-night French Quarter deli, who simply wants to be left alone to read "Catch 22." Enter de la Pena as scruffy, roguishly handsome Johnny and Davis as his weary young girlfriend Taffy. It's cold and Johnny is full of, well, "pudding," bragging about luxury stays in warmer climes. Alas, they have no money (Mead moves his tip jar out of reach) and need a place to crash. Thus begins a series of phone calls to various "friends" who want no part of them due to past experiences.

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