Thursday, October 11, 2007

Full House on a Thursday

Well the Cuthbert review brought in a big house, full, for a THURSDAY! That bodes well for Friday and Saturday. Lots of Big Easy Theatre Award committee folks, plus actor friends (one who's oh so handsome but oh so closeted.)

We had a great show. A full audience will do that for you, give you feedback and energy to work with. I think my other male co-actor rushed a bit, ran over my lines and Lisa Davis' a few times. Adrenalin. Plus a couple more lighting flubs, but oh well.

The radio play is taking off. I've gotten an avalanche of good response. Not so many for the main character though, the teenage stoner, Munchie. All the men want to read for the resonant baritone, the Radio Announcer, even the college boys. I'm trying to direct the younger guys to nail the younger role. I even wrote cute young Andrew Larimer from the NOLA Project and asked him to audition for Munchie. He has a schedule conflict.

Today I posted the search for a keyboardist.

"Keyboardist needed to add a musical layer to a staged reading of a new radio play script. Have a flair for theatrical music plus commercial jingles of the 50s. Need you to compose a short (3 or 4 seconds) "Hercules Audio Theatre" theme, segue music between scenes, "suspense" music, and a jingle for a fake product called "Hormel brand Sloppy Seconds."

THEREMIN is a big PLUS. If you can approximate a spooky theremin sound on the keyboard, great. Also looking for a live Foley artist to create the sound effects layer."

I emailed a cousin in LA who's an Emmy nominated Foley artist. Long shot, I figured. She was excited by the project, but couldn't swing it. I told her she ought to consider moving to New Orleans. Film is boom right now in New Orleans. And most of the skilled labor comes from outside, shipped in for projects. She'd have her pick of work as a local.

So I'm feeling energized and confident. And now I'm getting stoned.

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