Sunday, October 7, 2007

First Step

Going to post this soon on StageClick. It's about to become real...
Radio drama has been called "theatre of the imagination", relying solely upon voice characterization, sound effects, silence, and music to "set the stage" and to move a story forward. In homage to Golden Age radio dramas, such as War of the Worlds and The Shadow, Hercules Audio Theatre and writer Frederick Mead invite actors interested in this classic form of entertainment to audition by telephone.

Four actors needed:
  • Female, teens to 20s, sweet, smart, Nancy Drew.
  • Female, 30s to 40s, low alto, sophisticated intellectual. Can also double as a demented crone.
  • Male, teens to 20s, nasally tenor, stoner.
  • Male, mature, resonant baritone, Golden Age radio announcer. Can also double as a Southern Senator a la Huey Long.

A one-time only staged reading of Origin, an original radio drama, is scheduled for the weekend before Thanksgiving at a gallery in the Quarter. If possible, a keyboardist and live foley artist will participate in the staged reading. The public is invited, especially radio personnel and arts administrators, to generate advance interest in a live radio production that is broadcast and live-streamed from New Orleans, and to secure a radio production partner.

Written by Frederick Mead, Origin is a comic science fiction story about alien abduction and government cover up. Classic radio drama with contemporary material, including swear words, Chaos Theory, and bong hits. Includes fake commercials and a tribute to the comedy duo Nichols and May. For sides from the script, send email to Indicate which role you will read for. Include your Stageclick link or attach theatre resume to email.

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