Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fingers Crossed

The Actor's Theater audition was over quicker than I'd like. "Read this scene. Thank you, we'll let you know." I think I did fine, although I'm unsure that I'm the right type to play the psychologist. Will just have to wait and see. If I'm offered a part, I'd need a ride to and from New Orleans to Metarie, which is probably workable. I would like to work with director, Rene Piazza, some day. If not "Ordinary People", then some future production.

I'd also very much like to work with director Michael Martin. We're discussing a script right now. The question is timing. He'd like to begin immediately and mount something by August, after which he leaves town for a month. I'd prefer to begin work now, but pick up again in the Fall when he returns from a Chicago gig. Because this script is a one-man show, it falls on me to give a bust-out performance, and I'd rather not rush it.

Plus, I have my fingers crossed for the lead in a production at Le Petit. Yes! Volunteering as a stagehand has been very practical in terms of contacts, making my face visible, and also hearing about opportunities. I also met a rather striking-looking Southern gentleman who gave me his phone number. The Le Petit production is directed by Dane Rhodes. I think I surprised them at the audition with my preparation, practically the entire two scenes memorized over night. One scene is really a short story told by my character, and I got to demonstrate storytelling, my strongest stage skill. I also think I'm the right age and physical type for this particular character. Fingers crossed.

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