Sunday, June 10, 2007

Risk is Energy

The Dragon's Den show was awesome, my small contribution notwithstanding. There was some seriously potent talent on that bill. The line-up included a Mardi Gras indian, several performance poets including Chuck Perkins, the MC, who I admire very much. He performed the poem I heard when I first met him, over dinner. A Thank You to All the Musicians Who've Returned. A jazz quintet, a drunk Russian guitarist, bawdy songs, and me. A good balance of spoken word and music. Packed house. Way too hot. I was drenched in sweat from heat and nervousness.

I'm delighted with the comedy piece I did, called Hormel-brand Sloppy Seconds. That's a crowd pleaser. Took a big risk with the second piece. I am glad I did the risky piece. Risk is energy. But feel post-performance bluesy over it now.

The story itself is a mystery to me. I wrote it a few years ago, in response to a friend's coming-out story. I combined it with another friend's coming-out, and several Biblical allusions. It's a complicated piece, perhaps fragmented but needs to be, for now. I'm feeling my way as I go. Performing it tonight pushed it forward. Next incarnation, who knows. But I think I'm onto something.

A 22-year-old cutie came to see me in the show. Wish he'd come around more often.

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