Monday, June 4, 2007

Turtle Soup

Turns out turtle is a white meat, as in tofu white. All the food was impressive at Commander's Palace last night; but for me, the turtle soup was the treat. I've never had turtle. The soup was rich, savory. The meat chopped very fine and slowly melted. Garnished at the table with a drizzle of sherry. Our apetizers came with garlic bread that I swear was marinated overnight in butter, then toasted.

A Pinot-like, Italian red.

For my entree, I had the Commander's Mixed Grill, four kinds of meat grilled and presented upon a pile of roasted onions, parsnips, potatoes, etc. Some sort of fruity sauce squirted around the plate.

Another Italian red, bolder and heartier.

And then dessert. Oh yum, dessert. Strawberry shortcake with chantilly cream. The shortcakes were light, delicate biscuits with added vanilla and sugar, the way I make shortcake at home. Chicory coffee.

Started the 3-hour dinner with a Sazerac cocktail, credited as the first-ever cocktail, invented here in New Orleans by Dr. Peychaud, of Peychaud's Bitters. I prefer my Sazerac with rye whiskey, rather than Bourbon. I'm a Bourbon fan, but not for the Sazerac. Rye. Commander's makes theirs with rye.

The interior was newly done since Katrina. Our walls had handpainted birds. One wall had gold tassels pinned in a diamond grid, a design idea I plan to "borrow" when I re-do my bedroom ala Marie Antoinette. Powder blue walls, fabric treatments, and gold-leaf. Won't the peasants be impressed when they see what I've done?

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