Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sugar Babies

So I'm a stagehand for this musical, Sugar Babies, at Le Petit Theatre, the country's oldest community theater, right in the French Quarter facing Jackson Square. Stagehand is my foot in the door at Le Petit. I don't mind saying I'm ambitious, and want to perform in a Le Petit production some day soon-ish, and also Southern Rep. I think they're achievable.

Pushing sets and untying rope is real work, but I was thrilled to be backstage during such a large production. Sugar Babies is an old Mickey Rooney/Ann Miller vehicle, chock fulla vaudeville. I don't care for musicals. So I'm extra happy to be backstage, navigating all the moving parts, wearing a headset. I used a power drill.

Today I'm going swimming at a bar called "The Country Club", which is actually a large house with pool. Got a date with a real Sugar Baby, a hot HOT bartender I met after the show last night.

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