Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thinning Out the Greens

Glad I made the Faerie potluck tonight. I have crushes on about a third of them, and not just the men. Ya'll know who you are. I arrived in my Kung Fu Evangelist suit, alligator boots and bolo. I had just come from recording a voiceover in the French Quarter, and a dress rehearsal prior to that. Go go.
I need to write a thank you note to that CEO.
I need to pay some portion of my cell bill.
I need to read my friend Brett's novel. I'm in it.
I need to get through DramaRama this Saturday, French Quarter festival, the Big Easy theatre awards, the Big Easy music awards. And then take my rest(?) at Short Mountain.
I need to do some gardening, thinning out the greens.

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