Friday, April 6, 2007


Tennessee Williams is behind me, and now on to other tasks, like my novel, satisfying my duties as a nomination committee member for the Big Easy theatre awards (need to see a lot of plays this year), and oh, I don't know, getting paid?
Finished another chapter on the novel, chapter 9 or 10, depending on where I decide it falls in the sequence. It's about the Pastor's wife, who falls in love with New Orleans and also makes a friend. Printed two copies, one for the 3-ring binder and another for my writing mentor. I send her chapters as I write them, since there's usually 2 to 4 months (that long?) per chapter. It's a slow process, although I feel consumed in it.
Saw a play last night at the Actors Theatre of New Orleans with my new friend Don McCoy, a fellow (sistuh?) actor from Tennessee Williams. We saw A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro. A fast-paced, well-structured, and moving script. Some strong performances. I cried at the appropriate time. Couple directorial annoyances, but I wouldn't DARE write them here. Ok, more than a couple. But really, I liked the production, and the director added some creative flourishes that I liked. The flashlights, the sticks. A couple actors were good at indicating the passage of time through inflection.
After reading at WRBH today, I'm meeting Glenn Meche, my director from Tennessee Williams and 2 other Marigny Theatre Productions. I like to develop relationships with directors, because I'm drawn to theatre for the collaborative process. Writing is solitary. Acting is community, among many other things. Glenn is coaching me through my material for DramaRama!, a performance art festival at the Contemporary Arts Center.
I'm bringing it. Kung Fu Evangelist material that I've performed in San Francisco numerous times, NUMEROUS, and open mic'd in Seattle (Elliot Bay Book Company) and Portland (Tin House Writers Conference). I'm well rehearsed. I need Glenn to workshop the content with me, and to expand, explore the performance possibilities. This is my New Orleans debut of this material, which is set here, is deeply personal, and emotionally charged. I wonder what the experience will be like for me. Heart in my throat, bringing the work to its home.

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John D. Scott said...

You're my hero. Good luck bringing the work home. -Karen R.