Sunday, April 15, 2007

How Much Actually Happened?

Ok, I haven't done any of those to-do's yet. I've been too busy knocking them dead at DramaRama! Was a great audience last night. I was worried everyone would evacuate the building before my piece, since it was scheduled late and basically shut down the event. But from backstage I could see a steady stream of bodies winding up the spiral staircase. When I stepped out on stage, the place was packed! with folks standing at the back and sides. Yay.
I gave a solid performance. Volume control was strong. I jumped in and out of character voices. I was all over the stage, my body fully engaged. And I love the aspect of eye contact in storytelling, no fourth wall. People in the audience were leaning forward, literally hanging on what I was saying and doing.
People actually *thank* me whenever I perform the Kung Fu Evangelist. It must touch something. Also, I think folks recognize how personal it is, how real the emotions are. Everyone always wants to know "how much of that actually happened?"
About 80 percent.
Liz Zibilich did a wonderful job on tech. She really warmed up to the material and designed an entire lighting scheme, with numerous transitions I was not even consciously aware of, but somehow managed to use. Red for fight scenes, blue for sad soliloquies. Color transitions to indicate scene changes and character changes. She worked with me and my material. I cannot ask for more from a tech person.
Afterwards, folks bought me Jack and Gingers at Le Chat Noir. Then I came home and paced my bedroom until 6am, when I finally passed out from nervous exhaustion. Whew! Welcome home.

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