Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grand Opera

I have opera tickets tonight, La Boheme! The New Orleans Opera is the oldest opera company in the US, and used to perform in the grand French Opera House with multiple balconies and boxes. It was the center of Creole culture in the New World. Sadly, the French Opera House burned down, and then the Mahalia Jackson Hall flooded, so now the New Orleans opera performs at Tulane University.
Tickets are free to me. I've been working for a season-ticket holder, who shared the tix with me because I'm such a good little administrative assistant. Funny, at 40 I've come full circle and returned to admin work. Thought I left that behind, but when you quit high-tech, leave the stock options and fat salary behind, I guess you fall back on older skills. Still hoping to pick up some editing and software teaching instead, but in the short term, this admin job has saved my neck. And it has not been odious, at least not all of the time. Glad it's almost over. Tuesday.
Got free tickets to see a play too, Rising Water, at the Southern Rep. The playwright, Jon Biguenet, teaches in the MFA program at Tulane. I think Biguenet's rather handsome, with his white curls brushed back off his forehead. Married, of course, but handsome nonetheless. Pretty much anything he writes will be staged at Southern Rep. For good reason too. He's a solid writer, well-known in the national literary, small-press world. Need a quote for your new literary journal? Ask Jon Biguenet.
I recently made acquaintance with the principle actress from Rising Water, Cristine McMurdo-Wallis. She liked the Kung Fu Evangelist suit that I wore to the Big Easy Theatre awards. She's coming to the music awards too, and I expect to enjoy her company.
Just need to wrap-up the Music awards party, then I can prepare for Short Mountain. Need camping equipment. All mine is in storage in San Francisco.

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