Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big Easy Theatre Awards

Man, I'm crispy today. So tired. Probably dehydrated too. Big Easy Theatre awards were last night. I drank a lot. Hob-nobbed and shook a lot of hands, smiled a bunch, worked the Kung Fu Evangelist suit. Plus I worked all day on preparations at the Gambit home office, even brought office work to Harrah's theatre, and then worked all night at the event. I'm seriously dragging today.
Swell party. This year is the first with separate events for theater and music. 400 members of the New Orleans theater community showed up at Harrah's theatre in their finery or anti-finery. A number of people recognized me from performances, including Saturday's DramaRama. LOT of good looking guys. Brr-chah!
The production values were much higher than I expected, and I expected a quality event. Not just the video screens, but the videos themselves, produced by Delgado Community College. Entertainment was polished, but honestly, I don't love the musical. It's a form of theatre I just don't click with. I do like opera. Go figure. Oh, I have La Boheme tickets for Sunday!
Now we're running toward the music awards party. Uh Muh Gawd! It's going to kick my ass.

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