Monday, July 16, 2007

Not Bad for 40

On Saturday I turn 40. Traveling to Seattle for the official day, but basically celebrating now thru the next 2 weeks. Feel pretty good about 40. Feels to me like my "powers" are coming together. Mental concentration, writing, confidence. I'm healthy, got a new boyfriend, theatre's treating me well. And I'm writing with more fluency than ever, especially on the novel. I'm very happy I moved to New Orleans, and I think I look pretty good for my age. At least Striking Southern Gentleman thinks so. Ok, I do too. My friend and occasional director, Glenn Meche, took this photo of me. I like it, and hope he knows how much his actors and models appreciate him.

Spent the last 48 hours with Striking Southern Gentleman at his home in the French Quarter. Sigh. We're pretty smitten. He asked me if I'd be his baby. I asked if I could call him Daddy. He's taking me to a birthday dinner at Muriel's on Jackson Square.

Here's some theatre news:

Out Comes Butch. Director Michael Martin and I met for lunch last week and decided to move forward with the production of Out Comes Butch, a one-man show written in the 70s (I think) by a writer in San Francisco. Over the course of a 45-minute monologue, I transform into five different characters, with cut-away costumes, wigs, etc, but mostly through changes of voice and physicality. Something I can sink my teeth into. There's more to discuss, but right now it looks like October at a theater near you.

Aunt Tilly Goes to Town. Went to Metarie with my friend Carlos Gonzales to see another friend in the play, Aunt Tilly Goes to Town. Can't say that I loved it, but I did like certain aspects, such as my friend Taryn Vinet, who is always good on stage. And despite the blatant racism of Wayne Daigrepont's "china man" character, he was utterly funny. Small budget production, in a high school gymnasium; but the set was impressive for their budget. Mixed bag of talent. One of the elder statesmen of local theater was clearly reading lines from his notebook, and at one time was rescued by a younger actor when he forgot a cue.

The Titanic Adventures of the Love Boat Poseidon. Also enjoyed this farce by Running With Scissors theater company. The Shelly Winters swim scene alone was worth the price of admission, which in my case, was free. They're funny folks, those Running With Scissors people. And they can pack a house. Comedy sells.

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