Monday, July 2, 2007

Blinded by Structure

I keep tapping from outside, tap tap, looking for an entry point. Circling around, tap tap, trying to gain access. But perhaps I'm anticipating structure too soon, in new material that needs a certain amount of incoherence to ring true. I may be blinded by my need for structure.

The Bobby chapter needs to satisfy two narrative criteria: dream-like, yet with a solid framework. There are 2 interwoven threads, told via scenes in dreams and the present. Scenes in the present form the framework, following an arc that advances the story of external events, and advances the overall plot of the novel. The dreams, however, tell an internal story. There is progression, but not necessarily an arc. Yet the dreams set the stakes for the point-of-view character for the rest of the novel.

Hmmm...something is offered in the Unconscious, but Bobby makes a Conscious choice. Tap tap.

Sometimes a single, 3-syllable word can be the golden key that opens many doors. A single word that hearkens back to a pivotal scene of an earlier chapter, reinforcing a major theme of the novel. A single word that clarifies the purpose of Bobby's chapter. A single word that also segues neatly into the very next scene. Tap tap. An entry point.

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