Friday, August 3, 2007

Where Y'At?

This is the longest I've gone without an entry since I started this blog. Haven't written much on the novel either, replied to emails or voicemails, or done laundry. Aside from sleeping with Striking Southern Gentleman, celebrating my 40th, and teaching a computer class, have not had much time to do anything else. Not complaining. I'm very happy. Had a great birthday, I have a sweet boyfriend, and got some good paying work. I have been busy.

Seattle was fun.
It rained the whole 4 days, but that was such a reprieve from 96 degree New Orleans heat that I did not complain. Had the birthday I asked for. Old friends at an old Seattle dive bar called Vito's. They gave me drugs, bought my drinks and meals, took me to see the Harry Potter movie, and gave me the new Harry Potter book for the return flight. Very fun, a page turner, especially on Vicodin.

The celebration in New Orleans was milder by comparison. Delighted for the few friends who showed, but disappointed by the folks who did not.

In the meantime, Striking Southern Gentleman and I formed our own clique. I look outside our bubble and realize I've been with him, dreamily, almost non-stop, except for the recent work and the occasional return home for clean underwear. I need to do laundry. We're very much in love, in a short time too. He practices piano all day, while I nap, or work on the computer, or play with the kitten, who I've renamed. We eat in the French Quarter, 2 or 3 meals a day (he never cooks or buys groceries other than bagels and bananas.) I adore him.

The computer job lasted only a week, plus a week's worth of prep, but I earned a couple month's rent. I taught Microsoft Word certification to school teachers. They actually already know Word, some even teach it. They came to my class for the certification exam, in order to get funding for their classrooms, and in some cases, a raise. Talk about motivated students. They kept me on my toes, but I had some wizardry to teach 'em, from deep in the bowels of Word where few ever venture. QUESTION: Why would anyone ever design Web pages in Word? Just cuz you can, doesn't mean you should.

I also did another revelling gig for Carl Mack Productions. Wore the giant king head again, and helped stage a mini-Mardi Gras parade for conventioneers, complete with high school marching band, confetti. Later that night, the conventioneers got fireworks over the Mississippi River. Not a bad little gig.

Tomorrow, back to Goodfriend. Frederick, you sit your ass down and write that novel. Thank you, Goodfriend.

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