Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stars are wishes...

Glad I talked to the older guy. We met for coffee this morning. I was nervous that I'd have to talk a lot about myself, about my feelings (bleh) but he did most of the talking. All I had to do was state the problem, and he went into a trance. Whether he's psychic or not, I felt a deep communication happening. It's amazing the way some people can really read another person.

He said exactly what I expected the hear, but hearing it makes the difference. Nothing was a surprise, except how clear he was, and how specific to my situation. Knowing me very little, except socially and on stage, he was astonishing at his knowledge of my inner workings. "You're not into seduction. You expect people to see you, understand how wonderful you are, and go for it. Well, that's just a fantasy." Ouch, but spot on. I've been sitting alone on bar stools for 20 years waiting to be approached, cursing my un-attractiveness.

He told me what to expect now that I'm entering my 40s. I have a future of mad infatuations with younger, brilliant guys ahead of me. And I'm entering a period of rich imagination, which I should enjoy. Be in the moment, accept what is, and create what you want. "Stars are wishes and dreams achieved through possibility." He told me to take command.

Then he got down to brass tacks and told me my approach was wrong. He outlined a new approach and gave specific examples. Hot! examples.

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