Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Poem Coming On...

These are phrases and bits that may become a poem. Don't know how they fit together yet. Check back for progress...

original impulse
new text

It We It takes a decisive,
heretical step
to become a man
to cross water yes, with without caveats
insecuritiesy, failed courage fails
seeing only my our need on the iron horizon,
mad infatuations, desires forever

pulling up small coastal trees
by the roots, yet then dissatisfied but unsatisfied,
discards them the trunks like so much flotsam building
along constructing on to the shore,
constructing a driftwood barricade of driftwood
that only fog washes over

In a Through the this dense fog,
the our ferryboat navigating bravely navigates
the chain of San Juan islands in the fog, emeralds
emerging then receding, emerging then receding in the fog.
in the fog. We can see, no stars or sun to guide us.
Is it heresy to trust an unseen Captain?
in the fog. Who's permission do we need
to take command?

breathless on the farther shore, surprised,
when safely we safely arrive safely Upon safely arrival at the terminal,.
breathless, we see trace a our a finger over the relief map

and realize apprehend in retrospect realizing in retrospect
the winding,
circuitous path we have followed all along.

What guidance can do the stars and sun even give provide?
and that
stars are merely wishes
and dreams achieved manifested
the sun, melting like merely an egg yolk
melting through my our fingers,
food comfort for the next voyage

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