Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mona Rogers in Person

Last night was Opening Night for a performance-art play, Mona Rogers in Person, that we're mounting at a gallery in the Bywater. All the typical Opening Night things to report: small house, but on our side. They laughed, hung out after to greet us. Few minor line flubs, bunch of lighting gaffs. High energy from the cast. The usual.

Here's our first "review". It's located in the comment section below my announcement of the show.

I had a blast. So fun to be on stage again, to work with friends, and to learn from Agnes. And it was fun to become this character, Mona Rogers. My transformation is slowest of the 5 actors. I start as a businessman with briefcase, and gradually transform into blond bombshell. By the time I burst onstage in heels, wig and aqua eye shadow, I'm her.

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