Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dance with me big daddy...

I'm still sore from my first-ever ballet class this week. New Orleans Ballet Association (NOBA) and New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD), with a grant from HUD, offer free dance classes, mostly to low-income kids, but also offer a free adult ballet class once a week. I'm the only male. Every Thursday night from 6-7pm until Christmas, I'm taking ballet. Yay!

I love it, and especially loved the jaw drop at the end of class when I told the instructor this was my first-ever class. She said "if we had gotten ahold of you as a child, you'd have a career in dance today." And I replied, "yeah, 40 is a bit old to begin a dance career." I loved the second jaw drop when I mentioned my age. Hee hee.

But I do feel my age today, in my calves.

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