Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bury the Dead

Bury the Dead is an exciting script, thoughtful, poetic, with a clear anti-war moral. I agree with novelist John Gardner that artistic work should have moral content, that is, work that actually has something to SAY. I do not mean "moralistic". Rather, I mean "substantial", "significant", "meaningful".

My 3 friends were good, one more than most in the cast. Keith Launey is always strong. Although I'm convinced he dislikes me, I admire the work.

As I've said before about Cripple Creek Theatre Company, they're well intentioned, but awkward. They work with large casts, many young actors, perhaps from UNO department of theatre, inconsistent in their development. There were other strong performances besides Keith, but some embarassing ones also. I always appreciate sincere intent, and Cripple Creek goes for the moral heart of matters. Kudos. But perhaps smaller casts, drawn from a more mature pool of talent. Regardless, they're definitely a theatre company to pay attention to, with something to say.

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