Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Continental Drift

So I think Striking Southern Gentleman and I are done. I write "think" because we have not actually talked about breaking up. Commmunication has really broken down. Recently, we had a difficult 2 week separation, and then he had surgery, so we've had no opportunity to really talk. Since the surgery, it's just been chit chat, how was your day, no ackowledgement on either part that we're drifting.

After 3 weeks of drifting, I think we've just drifted apart. I'm still up for occasional dating with him, but not if we don't talk about important stuff.

They're unrelated events, but Mobile Man drove into New Orleans for Decadance weekend, and stayed the night with me. We had a LOVELY Sunday morning. Our relationship is very much about friendship, affection, and sex, but not much more. He seemed disappointed when he left, but I'm not interested in a serious romantic relationship with Mobile Man. He's not a substitute for Striking Southern Gentleman, who when he was good, was wonderful. It was nice to host Mobile Man for the night. Helped me snap out of my funk over Striking Southern Gentleman.

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