Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OKC is OK by Me

I'm in Oklahoma City, teaching bankers how to use the new Office 2007 softwares, 2 days to cover Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, then another 2 days with a second group. It's a great gig, not necessarily altruistic, but I like teaching, hell, I love it. The students are motivated to be here, and it pays me very well.

About frickin' time too, cuz I've been living under a financial state of siege since the day I arrived in New Orleans, small bits of cash floating my way from a combination of Web stuff, editing, temp office work, cleaning houses, performing, and oh...just about anything I can do for cash. Just ABOUT anything. I've never hustled for cash or joined the military, although I've seriously contemplated both in my lifetime. Fortunately, I'm now too old for both.

But the teaching gigs come at a much needed time, when my cell phone is about to be disconnected, with the constant threat of a lien against my property still in storage back in San Francisco. SO-O-O ready to get my stuff shipped down to New Orleans and really finish the move.

When I get back to New Orleans, I pick up some admin work at the Gambit Weekly newspaper, which will be on again/off again through Mardi Gras. And then of course, in the winter I portray John James Audubon with the Living History Theatre Company, historic characters who walk around the French Quarter between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and hold "salon" in hotel lobbies. I'll be in very good company, with some of the most-often employed actors in town, and it pays perty damn well. Let's just say it pays the most I EVER expect to make as an actor, since I have no interest in film. Not so much.

Next time I check in, I'll add my thoughts about 3 recent plays I saw: Cobalt Blue, Pillowman, and Lieutenant of Innishmore.

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