Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Planting Sweet Olive

Spent a 3-day weekend in Picayune, Mississippi with my new beau, Mark Harris. He's a cutie, such a sweetheart, and a good man. That's the thing I like saying about him most, Mark is a good man. He's a good-guy attorney who helps abused and neglected kids trapped in the morass of the Louisiana legal system. And he just has kind instincts. He's practical and can fix anything.
We're in love.
Been a long, LONG time since I've had a boyfriend, and Mark is a good one to have. We're healthy together, our communication is good (although I think he'd like more communication. Just gotta ask, buddy.) We finish each other's thoughts, click intellectually and aesthetically.
He lost his house in hurricane Katrina, and had a couple other big losses in his life in the past two years. The new house in Picayune is a fresh start. I enjoy decorating with him, shopping for household items, and working in the yard. We're planting Sweet Olive trees under his bedroom windows. Last weekend we planted ornamental grasses. We're designing a contemplation garden, and he offered to let me plant a vegetable patch, which I'm excited over! Two kinds of tomatoes, two kinds of squash, eggplant, peppers, kitchen herbs in terracotta pots, maybe butter beans on strings.

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