Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Name Is Not Blondie...It's Candy

Something really clicked for me last night, and Candy Delaney came to life. My director, Glenn Meche, said it was because I was focused. I think so. Plus repeated practice, memorization have finally freed me to be more in the moment. And the physicality is a major factor. Yesterday I clipped my entire body again, and shaved my chest. Wore the full makeup, and as much of the costumes as we have. Her body came alive in mine. I love Candy Delaney.
Handsome Keith Launey, my costar, came to life also. He’s very good, and last night was responding in kind to me. There was definitely more dynamic between us, and I expect even more tonight. It’s a tenuous thing that only happens on stage. Otherwise, he’s standoffish, avoids eye contact. I think I throw him. He could stand to relax around the entire cast, and maybe other people feel the way I do. He’s quite handsome, and everyone flirts shamelessly with him. But I think he’s especially standoffish with me, except on stage. I do think the element of tension between us is probably a good one, considering the relationship between our two characters, a violent, reluctant hustler and his mark.
This week I’m an emotional mess. Bit of an exaggeration, but I do feel very emotional, like I could get upset or cry at any time, or plunge into depression. Haven’t so far, and I’m glad to be writing, out of the house, waiting on Caitlin Corrigan and possibly some other writers.


Steve said...

You were wonderful, my dear. Thank you so much for the comp. If you knew what I gave up to come, you'd appreciate it. :-)

Vardimin said...

Don't you mean "who" you gave up to come?