Sunday, August 1, 2010

Genius in My Livingroom

Publication, it would seem, is a secondary concern
that a writer should consider only after
actually writing.

But validation, admiration, respect?
I mean, how long must I remain content
just a genius in my living room?
And love? Who does not want love?

But if love can be won, I haven't won it yet.
Validation, yes, some respect, and even admiration.
Plus head-wagging a-plenty. But love?
Really, I should look elsewhere.

Validation, admiration, and respect then.

To feel a part Of It All.
Not just feel, but to believe it.
To sit, crowded at the table with the other
VIPs, the other hungry young celebrities,
all of us scanning the ballroom, looking outward
instead of in, anxious to see and be seen, anxious
to feel Chosen, for someone to call
our names.

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