Saturday, March 21, 2009

JERKER Delayed

I'll take the time it takes to properly present a work of art. Some projects require more effort to come together. Some cakes need to bake longer in the oven. Some directors need more time to cast.

Schedule has dogged me constantly with Jerker. One minute, I'd have an actor interested, then the discussion would break down over schedule. Time and again. I talked to every male actor I could, but the closer we got to Opening Night, actors became committed to other projects, and the door snapped shut. Also, I felt I was going farther and farther afield from the types that I really wanted, considering men with some-but-not-all of the attributes I need, solely for the sake of putting up the show. Of course, everyone I talked to was a quality actor, but not always exactly the types I wanted. In a nutshell: a Bear and a Twink who can act.

I'll get Jerker up soon, likely early June, but this first attempt is not a waste. Along the way, I talked with New Orleans theater heavies, "names" who took me very seriously. Deeply-experienced, award-winning directors who were willing to be directed by ME, for the pittance I could afford to pay, if not for those pesky schedule conflicts. I reached out to knowledgeable resources in the theater community and found encouragement, great advice, and referrals. And a lot of good will. After only 2 1/2 years of doing theater in New Orleans, it's nice to feel accepted as part of a vigorous, creative community. Especially to have been nominated for a theater award along the way.

So I feel optimistic about Jerker. In the meantime, I'd like to put up a reprise of Out Comes Butch. This is the one-man show for which I was recently nominated for a Big Easy Theatre Award, in the category "Best Actor in a Comedy". At the awards gala next week, I hope there will be sufficient curiosity about Butch that I'll be able to promote it easily. "We're doing a reprise in a couple weeks. 3 shows only. Don't miss it." Lots of details to work out (like the rights). But we have this great opportunity right now to fill a gap and keep things on good terms with the venue. And to sell a show that I personally enjoy doing.

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