Saturday, February 9, 2008

Taking the Backseat to Carnival

Fat Tuesday was 4 days ago, and I'm still feeling it in my shoulders, my back, probably my liver, but I can't tell. A general queasiness and exhaustion? Drinking lots of water and home-made spinach soup. Getting good sleep and trying not to be too cranky, but it's a challenge. Ask my housemates.

San Francisco Visits
My SF friend Matt Levine came to visit for a week over Mardi Gras, and stayed at my place. It was special to have him here with me, experiencing New Orleans the way I do. We caroused, roaming under the influences of alcohol, joy, and prescription medications. I fondled a male stripper from Montreal. Matt got to march in a Mardi Gras parade, a good one too, Muses. His first-ever Mardi Gras parade, and he got to march IN IT as a tech assistant to the butterflies. More pics coming soon.

How do I explain what's happening in this costume? "Grey Gardens" was the theme of the Radical Faerie costume ball. Rather than portray a specific person from the documentary, I decided to embody the name: Grey Gardens. My headpiece has sticks, birds, and a nest with robins eggs. Let's just say, I was not going for pretty with this costume. More like a mind fuck.

I slapped Matt into costumes nearly every time we left the house. Costume parties galore, including the Ste Anne ball, the Ste Anne march, and the Purple Party. We costumed for parades. After dark, we rushed home and changed into boy drag, then hit the bars.

Oy, I'm feeling it today.

Novel Progress

Matt read a recent chapter from the first-draft binder, and told me to celebrate my progress. I admitted I've been having a crisis of faith, of confidence, a reluctance to write at all, even on the blog. Of course I'm always writing, but not always with serious intent. I know I should cut myself some slack and factor Mardi Gras into whatever life goals I plan around this time of year. Writing definitely took the backseat to Carnival, but as a result, I'm back with new inspiration.

Today I feel optimistic about re-approaching the difficult chapter. Think I see an entrance point, ironically, in the ending. And I see a significant scene of the next chapter too. And getting back to the blog is a good indicator of my attitude toward writing in general. My blog is often warm-up for the novel.

No Woman No Cry
I recently had a few rapid-burst crushes that I'm now over. My favorite crush is not into me. I see him on occasion, and it eats at me. But oh well. Move on, right? In the meantime, I dated a youngun' who caused me much anxiety and ultimately cured me of my crush on him. Over Mardi Gras, I also met a younger, sweeter version of the one who made me anxious, but it was short-lived, and he returned to New York on Ash Wednesday. Alas, alas.

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