Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Listen Live!

I'm very proud of my radio play, ORIGIN. My cast was strong (and funny), the sound effects fun, and the music sufficiently eerie. You can listen to ORIGIN over the Web, from the link below. Sadly, only the first 20 minutes of the 40-minute performance was recorded. Sound quality improves after the intro song.

NOTE: References to partner radio stations and generous development grants from New Orleans arts organizations are purely wishful thinking on the part of the author.

Turn down your lights, snuggle up to your sweetheart, and prepare yourself for the ORIGIN.

You can also listen to our opening act, two 15-minute cliff-hangers from 1939, back-to-back episodes of Captain Midnight, episodes 167 and 168, originally aired October 17 & 18, 1939.

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Stephen James Kubick said...

I enjoyed what I could hear over the din...and din-din. Thanks for everything and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas...all y'all.